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Thank you so much for an amazing class. This is my first yoga class ever and I loved it! Can't wait for more and be able to share with the class -CH

Very grateful to have met you & experience such an honest, deep practice with your guidance. -SB

I feel so much better than I did when I walked in. - KG

I loved the class. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I felt the yoga class itself was amazing. I left feeling great! - SR

Loved the class. Wonderful teacher and a real treasure for the community. In times of stress this is a great way to help. Thank you for providing the opportunity for your community. -BB

I enjoyed the class and am looking forward to your Monday class. - KG

I was just visiting, but I did enjoy the class and it got me interested in taking a class here at home. -JB

I enjoyed the class very much. It was relaxing and comfortable! Unlike hot yoga, I didn't feel tense then whole time and I felt peace throughout. -TP

Hi - I loved your class - So happy I found you. -ES

Thought the class was great, very individualized, which I liked. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. Will be back soon" -LC

I enjoyed the class and felt relaxed afterwards. I'm not as flexible as I once was but I know it it something I still enjoy. The moves were not difficult and the teacher was extremely easy to follow. I would like to try meditation class and a community class, maybe 101! -MM

Great Class. Improving flexibility and balance. Nice people always positive! Wonderful Kind Instructors -JG

I have taken classes with Holly before. I think she is a thoughtful instructor and she communicates clearly. I appreciate her knowledge of anatomy. I usually take flow classes but not ashtanga, and her class was challenging (in a great way) so she slowed it down for me a bit. I will try to make it again. -RC

After class I slept like a baby! - MC

I know I am in the right place now taking care of my health physical and emotional having found Boynton Yoga Wellness. I very much appreciate what you have created as a business and to help the community. I have lots to learn in class and lots to gain for inner peace - the right place to be at this time of my life. -CH

I really enjoyed the prenatal class, thank you! I will there again Tuesday morning. -JM

The breathing exercises alone are SO worthwhile. I'm standing straighter and breathing easier. Thank you! -DT

Gracias, la clase fue excelente, nos vemos pronto. Saludos -MI